Accepted papers

Propagation Characteristics of LoRa-based wireless communication in Steel Ship Cabin             

Tu, Wanli  (Jimei university); Meng, Lichao  (Jimei university); ye, qiubo  (Jimei university); Shen, Mingxian   (Jimei university); Xu, Yiqun  (Jimei university)

Detection Against Replay Attack: A Feedback Watermark Approach                    

Zhao, Xudong  (Dalian University of Technology); Liu, Le  (Dalian University of Technology); Karimi, Hamid  (Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy); Wei, Xing  (Dalian University of Technology)

Realizing Seamless Integration of Sensors and Actuators into the IoT                  

Karnapke, Reinhardt  (Perinet GmbH); Walther, Karsten  (Perinet GmbH)

Clustered WSN for building energy management applications                

Magadan, Luis  (University of Oviedo); Suarez, Francisco  (University of Oviedo); Granda, Juan  (University of Oviedo); Garcia, Daniel   (University of Oviedo)

Efficient 2D Processing of 1D Sensor Signals                     

Gerek, Omer Nezih  (Eskisehir Technical University)

A Multi-Sensor Information Fusion Method for Autonomous Vehicle Perception System          

Mei, Peng  (Beihang University); Karimi, Hamid  (Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy); Ma, Fei  (Beihang University); Yang, Shichun   (Beihang University); Huang, Cong  (Nantong University)